Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New York Violates Rights Everyday

Their answer is , it's working for them.

I have to tell you, I would have a serious problem with any officer stopping me as I take my daily walk and frisking me.  How about you?  But it is routine in New York. They argue that they are justified because their crime numbers are low. But 700,000 rights violations return only 500 criminals charges. Let me put that into perspective in real numbers..  700,000 people frisked. 10% would be 70,000. 15 would be 7,000. 0.1% would be 700 people.  You getting this??

New York violates rights as a matter of routine. No 2nd amendment rights, no 4th amendment rights. How do people let this happen???  My favorite quote is below

The tactic has drawn criticism from civil libertarians, local officials and community leaders, who say the practice unfairly targets African Americans and Latinos.

New York remains my most hated State. New Jersey remains a close 2nd.  Unbelievable!!

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