Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nanny, Nanny, Nannies are Surrounding Me

FREEDOM and LIBERTY?? I call it tyranny of the busybodies!!

NJ 2012- 1000 dollar fine for having dog or cat not in harness/seatbelt in car.
NY 2012-  No sales of more than 16 ounces of soda in any fast food place.
NY and NJ- Motorcycle Helmet law states
NJ and NY do not recognize the 2nd amendment.
NY 50th, NJ 48th worst States on Taxes 2011. (Out of 50)  California is 49th as of 2011.
NJ 2012.  Texting while walking.
NY 2011.  Outdoor cigarette smoking anywhere in public parks, beaches and open areas.
NY 2009.  No Trans Fats used in cooking.
NY and NJ- Cell Phone use while driving.

Feel free to leave me any from these two States that I missed!!

What can we do about it?  People are leaving New York in record numbers, New Jersey is draconian in almost all it does.

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  1. And they can't figure out why folks are leaving in droves... sigh...