Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg is an Ass

I want to share my thoughts with the world on Mayor Michael Bloomberg. It is my hope that he has his minions popping around the Internet looking for hits on his name. I want him and his minions know that he is a serious ass. Now all of you might say I don't like him because of his hatred of guns, and you would be right. But in this particular case it has to do with him getting involved with woman choosing to breastfeed their new born baby. Yes, the idiot has a program that keeps formula away from the mothers, and makes it a negative if they want to use formula. The program will consist of nurses and caregivers NAGGING a woman who has recently given birth.  Also free smaple of formula will not be made available to new mothers in the new mother bag that most hospitals offer.

No Salt, Bloomberg.
No Soda, Bloomberg.
No guns, Bloomberg
No formula, Bloomberg.

WTF, Bloomberg????   Who in the world named you NANNY of the planet? Who asks you to do this thing? Do you not think of peoples feelings or are you that far detached from reality.
A woman just has a baby, and you think it is OK to NAG her about baby feedings?  It's just like you to take a woman whose hormones are on full blown overdrive, and then start making demands on them,  Have you no decency, sir?

Dear Mayor Mike Bloomberg, stay out of peoples live, fix a pothole or get the streets shoveled, but lay off the poor recovering women!!  You are a coward!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Media Mishits Again, and Again

Media facts missing part 2.

Paul Hsieh get's some facts that need to be read.  Why are journalists so turned off by guns? I mean the story hinges on the fact that a licensed gun carrier was involved but they gloss over it completely.

13 Killed in PickUp Truck Accident

Read all about it.

12 people die when a deranged man copies an evil doer thinking he is the Joker in the Batmen movie and the press goes bonkers. Editorials galore calling for gun control and screams of "how did this happen?" But I bet you didn't hear about the 13 people killed in one traffic accident in Texas. 
A truck, a Ford F-250, was carrying, GET THIS, 23 people crashed on the highway north of the border in Texas.

Let's talk differences, shall we? The 13 people, including the murderess driver, were killed in Texas were immigrants.  So no press on this. We have to be PC and stay silent, since it may embarrass the  border enforcement and the President might get a bloody nose.

My previous post relating to Chicago? 34 people killed in the month of July in Chicago? Nothing in the press because it was only mostly black on black crime, gang on gang crime, criminal on criminal crime.  The fact that the most stringent gun control city in the United States (Tied with DC and NYC)has an abundance of gun crime is not picked up by any press folks. It doesn't fit their narrative.

The longer I live, the smarter my father gets. He always said, rather of matter of factly, "Never believe what you read in the press!" What I have learned is sometimes what you do NOT see written in the press tells a more detailed picture of agenda based news reporting.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aurora, Colorado versus Chicago, Illinois

I was doing some reading and came upon some details that I thought might be of value to some of my readers. In the month of July there were 12 people killed in Aurora, Colorado by a deranged gunmen. In the month of July 34 people were killed in the city of Chicago in the state of Illinois. Just me to remind you where the Presidents home is.  Chicago. See it all here.

Colorado is being beaten up by the anti gun crowd, and the press, to strengthen its gun laws. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the United States, no one can have a gun legally.

Do you need more proof of the main stream medias love of starting crap? I bet none of you knew about the total killings in July in Chicago. Is one at a time better than 12 all at once??

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heavy, Heavy Heart

3 Children die in boating mishap. 

27 people on a 34 foot "yacht"!    That's aint that big of a boat. Yacht? I think not. I suspect over crowding. Why were these kids NOT wearing life jackets?   Night time underway, out to enjoy the fireworks, kids not in like jackets?  Negligent, negligent, negligent.

If you go and buy a car, you need to prove you have a drivers license and insurance.  If you buy a boat, you can take it out in the ocean with nothing more than a smile.  Please excuse the following RANT.  The owner of this vessel should be jailed for negligent homicide. I want to know what training he has and why he thought it was safe to take 27 people, including children, out in the ocean on a 37 foot boat.  a 37 foot boat can safely handle 10, maybe 12, people in the ocean. All these folks standing topside on the boat.  It is an accident waiting to happen.
My made up belief? All the people were standing to one side of the vessel looking the same way. Another larger vessel tossed it's wake and cause the boat to capsize. Over crowding is the reason, a boat can only be buoyant if balanced correctly.

Murder charges against the owner/skipper of this vessel is needed. Negligent operations is not a forgivable act in my humble opinion.

My tears fall for the children. The adults let them down and caused their demise. Hang em from the yard arm.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independance Day!

Go to a parade, fly your flag and think FREEDOM!! 

No Questions Asked in NY? uh, nope.

Brooklyn gun buyback touted as no questions asks, gets a man arrested when he turns in a gun supposedly stolen from a police officer.  So it's NY PoPo's have different rules...

Read all about it....

My favorite line?
Police say De Shield's name was not taken at the gun buyback program and he was not arrested for turning in the weapon.
The department says it maintains a no questions asked policy when guns are turned in at buybacks.
Uhhhhh, then why is he in jail??  

New York remains a mess!!  Please avoid this State.