Tuesday, July 24, 2012

13 Killed in PickUp Truck Accident

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12 people die when a deranged man copies an evil doer thinking he is the Joker in the Batmen movie and the press goes bonkers. Editorials galore calling for gun control and screams of "how did this happen?" But I bet you didn't hear about the 13 people killed in one traffic accident in Texas. 
A truck, a Ford F-250, was carrying, GET THIS, 23 people crashed on the highway north of the border in Texas.

Let's talk differences, shall we? The 13 people, including the murderess driver, were killed in Texas were immigrants.  So no press on this. We have to be PC and stay silent, since it may embarrass the  border enforcement and the President might get a bloody nose.

My previous post relating to Chicago? 34 people killed in the month of July in Chicago? Nothing in the press because it was only mostly black on black crime, gang on gang crime, criminal on criminal crime.  The fact that the most stringent gun control city in the United States (Tied with DC and NYC)has an abundance of gun crime is not picked up by any press folks. It doesn't fit their narrative.

The longer I live, the smarter my father gets. He always said, rather of matter of factly, "Never believe what you read in the press!" What I have learned is sometimes what you do NOT see written in the press tells a more detailed picture of agenda based news reporting.

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  1. EXCELLENT point Danny, and no that one will be swept under the rug because they're probably illegals...