Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heavy, Heavy Heart

3 Children die in boating mishap. 

27 people on a 34 foot "yacht"!    That's aint that big of a boat. Yacht? I think not. I suspect over crowding. Why were these kids NOT wearing life jackets?   Night time underway, out to enjoy the fireworks, kids not in like jackets?  Negligent, negligent, negligent.

If you go and buy a car, you need to prove you have a drivers license and insurance.  If you buy a boat, you can take it out in the ocean with nothing more than a smile.  Please excuse the following RANT.  The owner of this vessel should be jailed for negligent homicide. I want to know what training he has and why he thought it was safe to take 27 people, including children, out in the ocean on a 37 foot boat.  a 37 foot boat can safely handle 10, maybe 12, people in the ocean. All these folks standing topside on the boat.  It is an accident waiting to happen.
My made up belief? All the people were standing to one side of the vessel looking the same way. Another larger vessel tossed it's wake and cause the boat to capsize. Over crowding is the reason, a boat can only be buoyant if balanced correctly.

Murder charges against the owner/skipper of this vessel is needed. Negligent operations is not a forgivable act in my humble opinion.

My tears fall for the children. The adults let them down and caused their demise. Hang em from the yard arm.

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  1. Murder charges are right, not enough life vests, lack of due regard, etc. Dammit, WHY do they not think BEFORE crap like this happens??? WHY???