Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg is an Ass

I want to share my thoughts with the world on Mayor Michael Bloomberg. It is my hope that he has his minions popping around the Internet looking for hits on his name. I want him and his minions know that he is a serious ass. Now all of you might say I don't like him because of his hatred of guns, and you would be right. But in this particular case it has to do with him getting involved with woman choosing to breastfeed their new born baby. Yes, the idiot has a program that keeps formula away from the mothers, and makes it a negative if they want to use formula. The program will consist of nurses and caregivers NAGGING a woman who has recently given birth.  Also free smaple of formula will not be made available to new mothers in the new mother bag that most hospitals offer.

No Salt, Bloomberg.
No Soda, Bloomberg.
No guns, Bloomberg
No formula, Bloomberg.

WTF, Bloomberg????   Who in the world named you NANNY of the planet? Who asks you to do this thing? Do you not think of peoples feelings or are you that far detached from reality.
A woman just has a baby, and you think it is OK to NAG her about baby feedings?  It's just like you to take a woman whose hormones are on full blown overdrive, and then start making demands on them,  Have you no decency, sir?

Dear Mayor Mike Bloomberg, stay out of peoples live, fix a pothole or get the streets shoveled, but lay off the poor recovering women!!  You are a coward!

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  1. Concur with all, he is DEFINITELY a Dem in RINO clothing...