Thursday, September 20, 2012

News Flash: Kate Middleton Has Boobs

What in Gods world is wrong with everyone? So the young girl took off her top when vacationing with her husband, so what? The asshat camera person who took the photos was 1/2 mile a way. Guess what ladies, if you don't want your boobs on the Internet or in a magazine, don't take your top off. what really gets me angry is that the world is suggesting that Kate Middleton's boobs are more sacred than any one elses. What?  Paris Hilton, Kate Winslett, and the hundreds of other woman who have bared their breasts and this is a disaster? I mean this woman is pretty, and probably has very nice breasts, and I am not looking for the pictures, but to hold them up as something special? Nope.  What is it with us puritans? what is it about a breast that makes it so erotic, exotic?  It's a baby feeding factory, that's all it is. Kate?  If you are reading this, stand proud and tell the world you are happy with your body and you are happy being a woman. You have boobs and that's the way it is. The world will have to get over it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gun Sales Surge, Even More.

Looks to me that the NRA has been successful in educating most people to vote out President Obama. It looks like their message has helped spur gun sales. Gun safety classes are booked out for 4 months, record attendance at Friends of NRA dinners.  Gun rights are winning even now that the war is over. 

Even MSNBC agrees.  It takes them about a year to admit it, but NIC checks aren't the only way to gauge sales.  How about the gun manufacturers being behind on orders, expanding, hiring and kicking ass.

S&W, Ruger have record years.

MSNBC opens eyes.

“Sure, about a third of it is politics,” said a Maryland salesman, who also didn't want to be named. “But the majority are people concerned about safety. They are worried about crime and looking at the economy and no one having jobs. They want to be protected now. So they’re buying.”
Emphasis is mine.