Friday, December 7, 2012

Good, Good, Good

George Zimmerman to Sue NBC

When he is found innocent, IMHO, of 2nd degree murder in the Spring of 2013, if it makes it to trial, he will have the benefit of a huge $$$ settlement coming from NBC in my personal opinion, again.

Honestly this entire case is a travesty of justice. George Zimmerman, even with a not guilty decision by a jury and huge settlement from NBC, his life is over. He almost certainly has to change his name, possibly change his appearance and never ever live in Florida again. He will be hunted by people favoring Trayvon Martin's family for ever. So he will need additional money for security, he will need additional money to keep his wife and family safe from physical harm.

I believe that George Zimmerman is innocent of his charges, I am also smart enough to know that the Martin family will never believe that. I truly believe that if a person was on top of me, punching me almost to unconsciousness, I would draw my weapon and fire also. GZ fired one shot. He stopped the attack and never pulled the trigger a 2nd time. Poor circumstances set up this collision of 2 people, and one is sadly dead. Nothing can change the outcome, but it was not murder and it was not remotely premeditated. It was self defense in almost every way possible. I feel that a jury will see it for what it was. 

NBC should pay for their evil deed, they should pay to keep George and his family safe for the rest of his life. They put him more at risk in all seriousness, than Trayvon Martin did. GZ could fight back against the bully that Trayvon Martin became, how do you fight the nastiness that NBC became after this terrible event occurred. $$$,$$$,$$$.00 is how.  Other news orgs carried the story, none of them edited audio tape to help build racists passions. 

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