Thursday, December 6, 2012

Maryland on Steroids?

The state of Maryland has done it again. They spent 100s of thousands of $$ to catch a basically nice guy. Helicopter, tank truck, SWAT team.

Bob Owens does his best once again to explain better than I ever could.

Read it here.

So how do handle this stuff?  I rant about it, I attempt to not spend money in the questionable states that I think impose on my national freedoms. That is all I can do, and I can hope you understand and follow me.

NJ- I don't go or vacation there. I now drive to South Carolina to avoid it. If I have to go there for business, I do my best to NOT spend any money there.
MD- Same thing, I have to pay tolls on 95, But I don't stop at their rest areas and buy anything. I will use their toilets though. (Hypocritical?)
West Chester Borough in PA.- My son and I co owned a car for insurance purposes. Sons car mainly. Son gets a parking ticket at 3:00 in the morning because he parked out front of a club to load his musical gear. He didn't pay it. West Chester sent a constable to MY house 20 miles away and plastered a HUGE Yellow sticker on my front storm door demanding payment and threatening me with arrest if not paid. (A parking ticket) I won't spend a dime in West Chester.
Philadelphia- I avoid it at all costs. ONLY if I have work related MUSTS do I go there. The PPA Philly Parking Authority is a embarrassment to human rights. Why ANYone would ever want to live there should be reason enough for psychiatric examination IMHO. The city STINKS, SMELLS and is just plain rotten to the core.
New York City- Bloomberg, enough said. I am OK with the western part of NY and the finger lakes.

It is not only their NANNY positions of motorcycle helmet laws and their antiquated totalitarian gun laws that is always the cause of my personal embargo. It is their total disregard for any freedom that a human can have. It is their way ONLY.


  1. Yep, SWAT response based on an 'anonymous' complaint... and the fact that the UC heard dis-affection with the results of the election! Damn, that's 49+% of the country!!!

  2. What is wrong with these cops, do they not have any common sense. They are getting all militarized and nasty. 4 more years of Obama is going to make it worse. Oops, someone may come for my guns now.

  3. Hear hear. It will get worse as tax confiscations continue to disappoint Our Royal Masters.