Monday, December 17, 2012

Tough Weekend

I had a tough weekend. I'm sure most of you did, too! Getting into the holiday spirit right after 20- 6 and 7 year old kids were killed was incredibly brutal for my mind to comprehend.
I was on forums, Facebook, our local newspapers electronic feed commenting on the cause of this tragedy. Many of my Facebook friends are Unicorn Fart sniffers and want all guns destroyed. Others were coming up with their own rules and wanted the 2nd amendment repealed. It was a uphill battle, with me trying to not get emotional and only speaking to the truth and facts. I was defensive all the way. Now the anti gunners are saying Gun Sense, instead of Gun Control. Asshats.

Anywho...   Some people I am acquainted with used their time to construct some incredible thoughts and stories on moving forward, that I happen to agree with.  So I will link them below and hope you enjoy the reading and the feelings that they express.

First up is Joshua Prince, a 2nd amendment attorney from Douglasville, PA.

How to Respond to An Active Shooter

Second up is Sebastian from Shall Not Be Questioned. I know he had a tough weekend as well.

The Enemy is in Denial

Michelle Malkin mentions some people Tweating Kill the President of the NRA.

Lefties are so violent for peaceniks, aren't they? I will update as I find more today!

Updated with Glenn Reynolds latest work.  Gun Free Zones Provide False Security

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  1. Yeah, not a good weekend... Thanks for stepping up and being out there with truth and facts!