Sunday, September 29, 2013

The NRA ILA and other ways to give.

Our gun grabbing opponents scream all the time about gun manufacturers supplying money to the NRA. I read the ILA report every month in my American Rifleman magazine. Anyone with a brain, and maybe a first graders ability to read, can see that gun manufacturers are only a small amount of the giving every month. But in this month, October, I noticed some interesting other business donations.
Along with the 21 individuals that donated over 1000 dollars, totally at least $21,000 for the month NOT including "In Memory" contributions, There was a smattering of interesting businesses that I wanted to call out and applaud.

Cape Radiology from Missouri.
Universal Electric Company from Georgia.
ORCA Asset Management Group from Texas.
Tri Penn Tool Company of Pennsylvania.

These 4 businesses are NOT in the gun manufacturing business and have nothing direct to gain from supporting the NRA ILA.  But stand and applaud them I will.I hope you will do the same!
If each of these gave $1000.00 dollars, the total, with other for October would be well in excess of $35,000 dollars. That is the minimum. These people and businesses gave at least $1000.00.  So when you have an anti gunner attempting to give you the old, "Gun manufacturers pay for our lobby" argument. Tell them the facts.

Add to that, that 24 people left money to the ILA in their will as an In Memory contribution.

This is just another way we win. We are smarter in every way!!

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