Saturday, February 22, 2014

Licensed To Carry

I was reading this morning of a woman, the bank manager, who was fired from Wells Fargo banks, for carrying her concealed firearm while she worked. Her lawyer is claiming she has a right to carry her firearm. The bank says it is there private property and she has no rights there. I will not comment on my suspicions here, but it made me think of another conundrum that we, as licensed firearm carriers, have to contend with. That would be getting to and from work. Many laws have been changed to declare that parking lots owned by businesses can allow employee's to keep a firearm stored in the car. But what do the train folks do? I worked for a major Cable/Telecommunications company for many years, but my office was in the suburbs.  when they made me sign a paper that allowed them to search my truck when on the lot, I just parked in a public lot about 30 feet further in some cases. But the people who train into Philly office, what could they do as they got to work? Nothing.  No lock boxes were offered, no where to properly store a firearm. I know many folks who work there that knowing just blow off the rule. They conceal and never mention it to anyone.(I feel privileged they trust me with it) One woman has a very nice, expensive concealed carry briefcase in beautiful leather. Another woman has a portfolio that has a zippered compartment. I have to admit, I love it. What we have done is create a hidden group of mini radical lawbreakers. When I ask them why they carry at work, they tell me, "My life is worth more to me then my job." They might get fired, but the alternative is not realistic to them.
With licensing getting more mainstream, I mean even California will have shall issue here soon, we need to start doing more to recognize these growing hidden minorities of licensed, law abiding folks. Currently the number I hear is over 10 million people have licenses in the US. That will explode as Illinois and California and other restrictive states come around. (It is estimated that Illinois and California will add 2 million+ combined. I am betting on more) Once we get NJ, NY and some of the idiotic Northeastern states included, a serious change will occur.

Many times I get told the "NRA is only 5 million out of 300 million" people in the states. But these are annual or life members who PAY real dollars to stand up. But FBI stats show over 10 million people are licensed. (This does not include LEOs) So quickly 5 becomes over 10, see how that works. This is why we won the battle last year against gun registration. (YES, that is what it was)

Lastly, since I am in California, I was asked by an employee about the new electric gun. The one that needs batteries and can only be shot by the person wearing the wrist band it synchronizes with. I am older, but I am a techy guy, so I see this as one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. Ever need your Iphone really bad but the battery was dead? Think about it.  I remembered my firearm, but forgot the wrist band.  I awake at night and need to find 2 things.  My wife has the gun, but I have the wrist band?  I could go on all night.
Would you really put your life in the hands of the energizer bunny??  Not me.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The NRA-ILA and why we win.

Once again I am reading my American Rifleman magazine and I am always caught counting the number of donators to the NRA-ILA that give over 1000 dollars. Yes there is the gun club and gun manufacturer in there, but the majority are individuals. I would assume that many individuals like me, give less, but give.
So in a not scientific way, I would like to post why we win.
  • Truth, we have facts on our side. 
  • Passion, the over 1000 dollar donators are many.
  • Gun shows.
  • Gun shoots
  • State associations
  • Pro Gun bloggers
  • Membership. Many states beat National Anti gun groups.
  • NRA Conventions and *shows.(Adding in *Harrisburg and expecting more as success grows) 
  • Pro Gun forums.
  • Excellent lawyers, not left wing ideological anti constitutionalists.  
These are just a small reason why we win. But I come back to the start and say that truth is the real reason. We have MOMs on our side that defend their children, we have Mayors on our side that understand their oath. We have 80 to 100 million gun owners who vote and call and write when needed. We win!

 " the right of the people to keep AND bear arms shall not be infringed."
Please always share the  keep AND bear arms section. Keep in our homes, and bear outside the home. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Delaware County Daily Times.

I stopped getting the newspaper delivered many years ago. It was more because they didn't reflect my views. The Inquirer was liberal as all heck, and the DTs was left leaning. But when they started going to Internet news, and allowing readers to comment, I was enthralled. I enjoyed sharing my views and I learned quite a bit. I became more and more recognized as the years went by. I was especially noticed when it came to gun issues. People would almost wait for my feedback.  Even my detractors would line up for my lesson.
I was even invited on the DTs Internet Video show. I debated the Lansdowne Mayor and the Chester Mayor on live streaming video. I told the truth, corrected their lies and tried to help educate. Not sure it mattered. I had IDd the DTs as a gun hater paper, even though the editor, Phil Heron was extremely nice.

Why do I mention all this now. When I asked them why they don't carry stories like the 3 Colorado State Senators being successfully recalled for their gun position, or the confiscation of guns in NY state, or the most recent over ruling of Carry rights in the state of California? There answer was always the same, and still is. We are a local paper, and they are national stories. Then I dug in. I reminded them that the CT story was National, that the Navy Yard story was National and that many other gun crime stories they carried were national.  They couldn't see their hypocrisy.  I don't think they do it on purpose, but it's there. They are so blinded by the agenda they believe, they argue they stand equal to all sides, while obviously banning the other sides argument. There answer is "Send in a editorial."  Nope. 

I miss my PA laws and my PA roots.  That being said, I sure am not missing the winter of 2014. 

We, the NRA members, the gun friendly responsible, law abiding folks, will win because as I started out saying, we have truth on our side. The anti gunners have lies, damn lies and statistics.

4 Months?

How do you know you are really been busy? When you don't post to a blog in over 3-4 months.
So much has happened I won't spell it all out here. (I know someone will appreciate that)

But I will spout off about California things.  Like trying to get in touch with the NRA Volunteer in my area.
Most of you who read this know I am a dedicated volunteer to the cause.  I show up on time, I write the letters, I meet with the politicians and I speak well. Trying to get involved in Los Angeles is tough.
It took me 2 months to get someone to respond, let's call him Anthony, since that's his name. He e mails me that he has regular meetings, 2nd Tuesday of every month at a diner in Van Nuys. Nice little place, called Lulu's. I Google the place, dial into GPS and plan on being early for a 7:00 meeting.  As I mentioned earlier, I tend to be early and I get there at 6:30 PM. I sit quietly in the parking lot, which is large for California, and watch for vehicles coming and going through the lot attempting to spot a CalGuns, or NRA sticker in a rear window. A couple of pick up trucks come in that immediately get me attention and the men getting out of them fit the description.I get out, and inspect their trucks, no stickers. Hmmmm, I must be a freak.....   OK, time to go in.
I walk into the diner, nice place, small bar and I am met by a nice gentleman who asks me if he can help me. I tell him I am there for the NRA meeting.  He looks puzzled and grabs a book.  He turns back to me and says, he cant find anything. He says to go back in the meeting room and ask there. Ahhh, I think, the meeting room. The NRA guy would be there. I open the door to the meeting room and there sits 4 guys, 3 bearded and one looking like a guy who sits at the rifle range all day.  I say, "Hi guys, I am Dan, are one of you Anthony?" Nope is my immediate answer. I say, "this the NRA meeting?" He says, nope National Ski Patrol, but you can join us. I apologize and leave the room. So I head back to the manager and ask again, say Anthony, say the NRA..  Nope nothing.  OK, I am hungry, I eat. Meatloaf and garlic potatoes. Not spectacular, but didn't suck.
I go out to my truck and e mail Anthony. Then I call his number. Voice mail with the "Not Set Up message!" ARRghhhhhh.  I head to the apartment. E mail him again when I get there. Nothing.

The following morning I wake up and get an e mail response from Anthony. The meeting is 2nd Wednesday, not Tuesday. I re read his e mail, it says Tuesday right in it, but the date he mentions is Wednesday. 2nd Tuesday or the date? It was the date. (Think about typing that, which mistake would you believe?)
Since my calendar was open I just plan on visiting Wednesday. Everyone makes mistakes, right?

Wednesday evening arrives and I work until 5:45. I know the route now and it's easy driving even in rush hour. I get to the diner at 6:45. Parking lot is quiet and slow. I park in well lit spot and move towards the door. I see the same gentleman at the door and ask about NRA again for this night.,  He says, nope. MY BS meter is now flying.  One meeting room, no one in it, the rest of the place has a mix of like 8 people eating. Mostly 2 at a booth. So I sit at the counter and wait.  Order dinner again at 7:15. I am furious. I told the guy, Anthony I would be there, and he's a no show?  I eat and leave. Late night e mail to Anthony and I am not polite.  Response back comes following morning.

We were there, there was only 2 of us, me and a guy named Paul."  "We were sitting at a booth in the diner."
"Don't know how you didn't see us?"  REALLY??  I am the PA transplant, looking to help you and you don't greet the people, make no discernible identification known to me, no hat, or pin, or let the manager know???
Lastly, because I am a idiot, I attended on the 2nd Wednesday in February. This time I wore my blaze orange NRA cap. I walked up to 3 tables and asked if they were there for the NRA. One was 2 woman, if you ever think I am sexist. 

So I am mad as hell. I can see why California is screwed up. They allow people with interests, but no skills to be Election Volunteer Coordinators.(I guess beggars can't be choosers) So I contacted the NRA and volunteered myself. I will wait and see what happens.  I know the basics of planning, like giving all the folks all the info on where, when, and how to find me.  I can find a place to meet and I will never let a volunteer off my distribution list.  EVER!!  Anthony could learn some things from me.

I take the 2nd amendment serious. I truly believe that government, left unchecked, will get tyrannical. I don't mean it in a paranoid way, just a keep close tabs on our rights way. I also believe if the cops have access to ammo, or firearms, we should too.  Law abiding is law abiding.

Thanks for letting me vent!!