Saturday, February 22, 2014

Licensed To Carry

I was reading this morning of a woman, the bank manager, who was fired from Wells Fargo banks, for carrying her concealed firearm while she worked. Her lawyer is claiming she has a right to carry her firearm. The bank says it is there private property and she has no rights there. I will not comment on my suspicions here, but it made me think of another conundrum that we, as licensed firearm carriers, have to contend with. That would be getting to and from work. Many laws have been changed to declare that parking lots owned by businesses can allow employee's to keep a firearm stored in the car. But what do the train folks do? I worked for a major Cable/Telecommunications company for many years, but my office was in the suburbs.  when they made me sign a paper that allowed them to search my truck when on the lot, I just parked in a public lot about 30 feet further in some cases. But the people who train into Philly office, what could they do as they got to work? Nothing.  No lock boxes were offered, no where to properly store a firearm. I know many folks who work there that knowing just blow off the rule. They conceal and never mention it to anyone.(I feel privileged they trust me with it) One woman has a very nice, expensive concealed carry briefcase in beautiful leather. Another woman has a portfolio that has a zippered compartment. I have to admit, I love it. What we have done is create a hidden group of mini radical lawbreakers. When I ask them why they carry at work, they tell me, "My life is worth more to me then my job." They might get fired, but the alternative is not realistic to them.
With licensing getting more mainstream, I mean even California will have shall issue here soon, we need to start doing more to recognize these growing hidden minorities of licensed, law abiding folks. Currently the number I hear is over 10 million people have licenses in the US. That will explode as Illinois and California and other restrictive states come around. (It is estimated that Illinois and California will add 2 million+ combined. I am betting on more) Once we get NJ, NY and some of the idiotic Northeastern states included, a serious change will occur.

Many times I get told the "NRA is only 5 million out of 300 million" people in the states. But these are annual or life members who PAY real dollars to stand up. But FBI stats show over 10 million people are licensed. (This does not include LEOs) So quickly 5 becomes over 10, see how that works. This is why we won the battle last year against gun registration. (YES, that is what it was)

Lastly, since I am in California, I was asked by an employee about the new electric gun. The one that needs batteries and can only be shot by the person wearing the wrist band it synchronizes with. I am older, but I am a techy guy, so I see this as one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. Ever need your Iphone really bad but the battery was dead? Think about it.  I remembered my firearm, but forgot the wrist band.  I awake at night and need to find 2 things.  My wife has the gun, but I have the wrist band?  I could go on all night.
Would you really put your life in the hands of the energizer bunny??  Not me.

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  1. Good points all, and NO I wouldn't trust it either...