Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Delaware County Daily Times.

I stopped getting the newspaper delivered many years ago. It was more because they didn't reflect my views. The Inquirer was liberal as all heck, and the DTs was left leaning. But when they started going to Internet news, and allowing readers to comment, I was enthralled. I enjoyed sharing my views and I learned quite a bit. I became more and more recognized as the years went by. I was especially noticed when it came to gun issues. People would almost wait for my feedback.  Even my detractors would line up for my lesson.
I was even invited on the DTs Internet Video show. I debated the Lansdowne Mayor and the Chester Mayor on live streaming video. I told the truth, corrected their lies and tried to help educate. Not sure it mattered. I had IDd the DTs as a gun hater paper, even though the editor, Phil Heron was extremely nice.

Why do I mention all this now. When I asked them why they don't carry stories like the 3 Colorado State Senators being successfully recalled for their gun position, or the confiscation of guns in NY state, or the most recent over ruling of Carry rights in the state of California? There answer was always the same, and still is. We are a local paper, and they are national stories. Then I dug in. I reminded them that the CT story was National, that the Navy Yard story was National and that many other gun crime stories they carried were national.  They couldn't see their hypocrisy.  I don't think they do it on purpose, but it's there. They are so blinded by the agenda they believe, they argue they stand equal to all sides, while obviously banning the other sides argument. There answer is "Send in a editorial."  Nope. 

I miss my PA laws and my PA roots.  That being said, I sure am not missing the winter of 2014. 

We, the NRA members, the gun friendly responsible, law abiding folks, will win because as I started out saying, we have truth on our side. The anti gunners have lies, damn lies and statistics.

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