Monday, February 17, 2014

The NRA-ILA and why we win.

Once again I am reading my American Rifleman magazine and I am always caught counting the number of donators to the NRA-ILA that give over 1000 dollars. Yes there is the gun club and gun manufacturer in there, but the majority are individuals. I would assume that many individuals like me, give less, but give.
So in a not scientific way, I would like to post why we win.
  • Truth, we have facts on our side. 
  • Passion, the over 1000 dollar donators are many.
  • Gun shows.
  • Gun shoots
  • State associations
  • Pro Gun bloggers
  • Membership. Many states beat National Anti gun groups.
  • NRA Conventions and *shows.(Adding in *Harrisburg and expecting more as success grows) 
  • Pro Gun forums.
  • Excellent lawyers, not left wing ideological anti constitutionalists.  
These are just a small reason why we win. But I come back to the start and say that truth is the real reason. We have MOMs on our side that defend their children, we have Mayors on our side that understand their oath. We have 80 to 100 million gun owners who vote and call and write when needed. We win!

 " the right of the people to keep AND bear arms shall not be infringed."
Please always share the  keep AND bear arms section. Keep in our homes, and bear outside the home. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!

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