Saturday, May 24, 2014

The VA Scandal

Old NFO has a great rant on the VA Scandal and it's impact on Veterans. Please go read it and read the links. What I always like about Old NFO is he offers solutions to his rants. He looks and seeks answers. I guess that is inherent in job. Many people are complaining about the scandals, but offering solutions? Priceless.

I have been very lucky. I have never used one benefit of my GI Bill. My jobs have always provided affordable healthcare and I was able to make due without my benefits. But for the men/women who are not in my situation I find it appalling that the US Government would ever turn it's back on those who served and took the oath. It sickens me. 40 Vets died waiting for healthcare in one facility. Why were they waiting? The possibility seems almost insane. That bonused employees could receive money for hitting a number. So the books are cooked and papers destroyed for well off people to make more money. Tar/Feathers/Jail.

Please remember all Veterans, alive and dead, this weekend for Memorial Day. I hate it that most people think of this 3 day weekend as the kickoff to summer. I will be placing US flags on grave markers tomorrow at a grave-site close to my apartment with other members of the American Legion and the cub scouts.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Armed Service Day is May 17th

Not much more I can say here. For us old farts it was a hard time. Maybe I need to get a tattoo?
Thanks to Old NFO for the link.

May 17th is Armed Services Day. Please thank a Vet.

I may have mentioned in the past, I thank every Vet I find. If I see a hat, or a pin, I approach them all and offer a sincere thanks and handshake. If you are in uniform, I am coming for you. I use to embarrass my kids, then they learned and would point them out for me. I don't think it is to much to ask to thank those who MAY have put the life on the line. Those of us who have served know that not all put their actual life on the line, I was in the Coast Guard right?, but we know how it works, those that do put their life on the line need the support of all those behind the lines of the immediate danger. I was a great boat handler. But without my crew, without the radiomen back on shore, without the support system we were nothing. WE get that.

God bless all Vets who have served and understand their oath and what it means.

Semper Paratus!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another One Bite's the Dust

In my plan to have a means of income in my retirement, I have taken another NRA Instructor class, and yes, passed it.  Add the Refuse To Be A Victim class to my certifications. I approached the local American Legion and asked them to allow me to teach classes there, they are investigating, and insist on me becoming a member. I can do that, need to check the dates of my cold war enlistment. I sure think all Veterans should be able to get into these associations. But the American Legion has stipulations on time in action. But I say that also knowing I support private clubs. Conundrum.

I was the perfect straight man in this class. It was 3 men and 5 woman. As we completed the class and I read through the book, there was not one mention of the word firearm, weapon or gun. I was aghast.  I mentioned to the Instructor, TJ Johnson, as part of my comments that I very surprised there was no mention in an NRA class.  He got me to ask.  There is a supplement and it's a separate booklet that leads into Home Firearm Safety class.  Perfect, got that one, too!
So TJ Johnson and I go way back. I have been a long time NRA Member and I remember voting for him for the NRA Board back in the 90's.  That is my instructor, he is one of the few people who actually created these NRA courses. He is the real deal.  I will take all my classes from him.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wild Thinking at the Gun Range

I wanted to add one thing.  The pro gunners here in California have a long way to go.  When I tell them PA has no training for a license to carry, they think that's wrong.  16 of 16 people think you as a citizen must meet the government mandated training to carry a gun in public.

When I told them the Georgia law being passed this week is already the law of the land in Pennsylvania they gasp. "Dude, why do you need to carry a gun in church." Arggghh.

They have a long, long way to go.

CalGuns and Other Stories.

Looks like I am back deeply involved. I am now running the CalGuns Monthly shoot at the The Firing Line indoor range for the 4th Friday night get together.
The Firing Line is a nice little Range in Burbank, about 4 miles from my apartment and 3 miles from my office. I started going there 4 month ago, didn't shoot the first 2 months and now am a member of the range and running a monthly shoot for CalGuns. Remember when you say, you are willing to help, if you wait long enough people are willing to listen and empower you. The shoot starts at 1900 hours and goes until they close at 2200. Pizza, which I have to order and pick up across the street, starts at 2030. I will run some raffles and hope to sell some swag at the event to help make the group funds. People are encouraged to bring cool firearms and do a show and tell session. The range attempts to give us a entire 8 bay range, they have 2, when we get there. Last 2 month we have had to wait. The people shooting population grows.
I will have someone, Chad, hand holding me this month, May 23.  Next month, June, it will be all me.  I hope I get time to shoot some.I will post more pictures here as I collect them.

I will be in California 11 months on the 10th.  It will get increasingly hard to maintain my PA address through the 2014 year. But I am more comfortable here, but I miss my kids, and my ex-wife more than I would have ever guessed. 3 hours is an incredible time variation when you work here in PSDT until 7PM minimum. My new boss stays late, and therefore, so do I mostly. Calling my kids after 10, their time, is a mixed bag.  I hate to wake them on a school night, or I might catch them doing homework. Either way, I am disturbing them.

I will be driving to Vegas to meet my oldest son in May. He has a work related show to attend and he is staying longer to hang with his old man.  He will take the brunt of the missing hugs and kisses for the rest of the family. I am pumped to go see him and stay with him for the 3 to 4 days. There will be steak and beer shortage in Vegas, heads up.

I am looking to see when I can back east again, hoping the end of June. Sure would like to get away to North Myrtle Beach if possible. My ex has a pending medical concern that may slow this option. And yes, I would still vacation with my ex wife. She really is still a good friend, great mom and all around heart filled person.  My new boss insist that I be in the office if he isn't, so when I asked about vacation he told me wait until he decides when his is.  LOL 

I have not applied for my carry license here in Los Angeles yet. I am waiting the full release of the Peruto ruling before wasting my time. In Orange County people are waiting 8 to 10 months for the interview process. But they are getting them.  When I tell my friends back east about the gun laws here, they choke. I am not sure WHY the citizens here just give up so easy on their rights. I run into more people who seem to have the anti gun talking points down, and believe them. When I tell them they are all lies and I can prove it, and then do, they still say things like, "Why would they say it?" Ughh.

Enough for now.  CU all later!