Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another One Bite's the Dust

In my plan to have a means of income in my retirement, I have taken another NRA Instructor class, and yes, passed it.  Add the Refuse To Be A Victim class to my certifications. I approached the local American Legion and asked them to allow me to teach classes there, they are investigating, and insist on me becoming a member. I can do that, need to check the dates of my cold war enlistment. I sure think all Veterans should be able to get into these associations. But the American Legion has stipulations on time in action. But I say that also knowing I support private clubs. Conundrum.

I was the perfect straight man in this class. It was 3 men and 5 woman. As we completed the class and I read through the book, there was not one mention of the word firearm, weapon or gun. I was aghast.  I mentioned to the Instructor, TJ Johnson, as part of my comments that I very surprised there was no mention in an NRA class.  He got me to ask.  There is a supplement and it's a separate booklet that leads into Home Firearm Safety class.  Perfect, got that one, too!
So TJ Johnson and I go way back. I have been a long time NRA Member and I remember voting for him for the NRA Board back in the 90's.  That is my instructor, he is one of the few people who actually created these NRA courses. He is the real deal.  I will take all my classes from him.

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