Saturday, May 24, 2014

The VA Scandal

Old NFO has a great rant on the VA Scandal and it's impact on Veterans. Please go read it and read the links. What I always like about Old NFO is he offers solutions to his rants. He looks and seeks answers. I guess that is inherent in job. Many people are complaining about the scandals, but offering solutions? Priceless.

I have been very lucky. I have never used one benefit of my GI Bill. My jobs have always provided affordable healthcare and I was able to make due without my benefits. But for the men/women who are not in my situation I find it appalling that the US Government would ever turn it's back on those who served and took the oath. It sickens me. 40 Vets died waiting for healthcare in one facility. Why were they waiting? The possibility seems almost insane. That bonused employees could receive money for hitting a number. So the books are cooked and papers destroyed for well off people to make more money. Tar/Feathers/Jail.

Please remember all Veterans, alive and dead, this weekend for Memorial Day. I hate it that most people think of this 3 day weekend as the kickoff to summer. I will be placing US flags on grave markers tomorrow at a grave-site close to my apartment with other members of the American Legion and the cub scouts.

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