Saturday, June 14, 2014


This past week I have been in an apartment in California for exactly one year. I have not had a TV in the apartment the entire year. I disconnected the idiot box.  I made it.  How did I make it?  I read, I studied and contemplated. I also have a nice HP Laptop computer that has a 17 inch screen. I caught the few TV shows I wanted to watch On Demand, which added up to about 6. Blacklist, NCIS, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Longmire, The Mentalist. Working in the entertainment industry my entire adult life, it is hard to imagine not having the newest technology that includes a huge screen HDTV. But I did it, and it didn't hurt one bit.

The excitement of the week is scheduling my vacation for the summer. I haven't been home since February when Nancy was seriously, seriously sick. Sometime this summer I will be heading to meet the family in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 3 of my sons and Nancy will be driving down, me flying in on a 3 plane hop out of Burbank Airport. I wouldn't care if it was a 10 plane hop. My oldest will be with us, now that he has left the band scene, he has all this vacation, so he will join us. Liam, who is 17, will be going into his Senior year and I am not sure he will want to go on vacation next year after he graduates. Better add Ryan here as he will be 15 by the time I see him! Maybe if I can save enough we can all go somewhere he won't want to miss out on?  The 2nd oldest son, Shawn, is living up in Oakland.  My plan, loosely derived, is to drive up and spend a weekend in the Oakland area and visit with him and his girlfriend Erica. Who knew seeing your family was so impactful?  ME>....

Work has been extremely busy, hectic and maniacal. Change is afoot.  It is hard to a work life balance when your boss works 20 hour days, 7 days a week.

Looking forward to hugging my kids, and Nancy, during the summer vacation.

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  1. Dan I'm glad you have this coming up. If you get anywhere near old Penn's Woods please give this old man a heads up.