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Unicorns and rainbows

This Blog post was written by a woman in Maine.

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My answer below. I stick to the facts and I emphasize in red italics her ignorance. 


Thursday, June 05, 2014

Gun violence in America is growing like an infectious disease

Right wing zealots are obsessed with protecting Second Amendment rights while young people are being murdered by the growing public health menace of gun violence.  If the rate of killing young people murdered by gun violence were caused by any other vector, the American public would demand a responsible public health cure. 

It's impossible to understand why Second Amendment zealots are protected by the United States Supreme Court's supportive rulings, when young people are at risk of dying in the US, every day, from guns. Now, Seattle WA has reported yet another in the unbelievable litany of gun violence incidents on a college campus, including the death of at least one of four victims.

Meanwhile, right wing zealots are cruelly attacking the decision to exchange 5 ugly old terrorist Taliban leaders, who were held without trial in Guantanamo, for a young Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who was held prisoner for 5 years. It's unbelievably hypocritical for the right wing nuts to ignore the deaths caused by growing gun violence, while they waste energy criticizing a humanitarian act to save an American soldier from certain death in captivity.

Although the right wing establishment within the Republican and Libertarian political parties are paralyzed by money the National Rifle Association showers on them to sustain support, maybe young and untainted voters can make a change in this zealotry.  

Let's educate young people about the horrible danger of gun violence in America. This is the fact: guns kill people

In the absence of guns, the death rate from gun violence would be reduced to practically zero.

Like any infectious disease, it's time to remove the causation and cure the epidemic. We can enforce gun safety regulations that will protect Second Amendment rights and save our youth from preventable violent deaths.

Hello Ms. L'Heureux,

It does not matter to you that the legally standing facts do not support your statement.  Violent crime is down.  The FBI statitics says so, the DOJ statistics says so.  Also while guns sales have increased 10fold, crime has been reduced. I think better sentencing, video camera and yes, 10 million licensed gun carriers are to be credited.
I do agree that if there were no guns, gun crime would go away. Feel free to quote me on that. As such as if there were no cars, car deaths wouldn't exist, or swimming pool deaths if pools didn't exist. I do believe unicorns are not real, so let's avoid that discussion. But we live in a country that has a 2nd amendment.
The 2nd amendment is the most restricted amendment of all, wouldn't you agree?  I live in California. Even though I have a license to carry from 3 other States, I can not here because I live in the wrong county. When I buy a handgun, I must wait 10 days, even though I own many more already. I also can only buy 1 gun a month.  What if you had to wait 10 days for a newspaper, or get one newspaper a month? A right is a right?! Some of the strictest gun laws in the country here in California. Eric Rogers lived here.
I am a law abiding citizen, I obey the laws of the states I am in when I am in them. Can you admit the criminal do not?
My licenses to carry allow me to do so in 40 States, why is that? Why does a State regulate my safety? Or why only 20% of them?

Anyway, you keep with the emotion and your miscalculations, I prefer to stick to the facts.When people tell me I am paranoid when I say people want to take my guns, I will just point them to your writing it.

Have a great weekend.

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