Sunday, August 31, 2014

How old is to old?

So I am out renewing my old NRA Instructor certifications and all I can say is that many things have changed. The old methodology is nothing like the new one. Total Participant Involvement (TPI) is the way of the world, and just like anything else it has to be learned. DO NOT LECTURE, teach by asking, get them to think and be involved.  Many of my NRA Certs were back in the 70s and early 80s. I am taking some of them again. I came from a revolver world, need to get up with semi auto world. Why, do you ask I post this? A wonderful young woman, who we will call Wendy because that's her name, started her own business in San Diego and she asked me why I was talking them again. Actually she said, I thought you were already certified, and I explained the changes and my need to know the new ways. She is in her 20s. I am pushing 60. I missed a lot in those 40 years. I worked at the gun shop, then carried a firearm with the US Coast Guard, then always stayed active in the shooting sports.  But I was do for a refresher.  Might take more refreshers if TJ gives me the discount.(TJ is the Training Counselor who wrote many of these classes.)

In other news, a 9 year old girl accidentally shot  instructor this week. The instructor was hit in the head by the bullet of a fully automatic Uzi. The instructors family do not blame the young girl, and only hope she is alright. The anti gun nuts are coming out of the closet with accusations and demands.  My 10 cents? The video does not have the whole story. It runs only as the 9 year old is at the line. Yes, it is hard to manage the recoil of an Uzi, and the instructor thought he had control. I will not offer advice, only condolences. I was not there., and neither were anyone from the anti gun nuts side. Please mourn for the man killed, and pray for no lasting mental anguish for the young girl. Prayers are said.

I am enjoying the California gun folks, they are a passionate group. I tell them how complaisant my home state of PA has gotten with their spoiled gun rights.(In comparison with here) They fight pretty well here and getting people to volunteer is just as hard.

Burbank shoots are going well with standing room crowds on my Friday nights. We started the Winchester Shooting program and had some success with it.  The first stage is shooting paper plates. We had some creative individuals doing this. Photo below.

I will be attempting to log more often.

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