Monday, May 25, 2015

Irony of Irony

I passed the Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor class this weekend. Now I am authorized to hold classes and sign off on peoples CCW (Concealed Carry License) for Orange County California.
So, where is the Irony you ask??  I live in Los Angeles County and can NOT get a CCW.  ARGHHHHH.

If you live in Orange County and take my class and pass it, you can legally carry your firearm in Los Angeles. Believe me when I tell you, many people make the daily drive or take the train to work in LA.
But if you are a Certified Instructor or plain citizen you can not get a license in Los Angeles.

THIS above is why I look for commonality in gun laws. 40 states recognize my current licenses, 10 do not, they are ; Hawaii, California, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Nevada and Oregon.  Can someone please explain to me why my 2nd amendment rights are curtailed anywhere in the United States?  Things need to change.

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  1. Josey MontanaMay 27, 2016

    You must flee the land of Fruits and Nuts and return to safety in Penn's Woods!

    Josey Montana