Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Going Home!

The California experiment is over. I am moving back to my home state of Pennsylvania.
Truth be told, I was downsized. Yup, laid off after 3.5 years. The company I worked for is suffering from not making decisions. I was one of the many let go. Oh well, I've been thrown out of better places. I will write a blog just on this company soon.
Now on the to excitement. I am moving 2700 miles home.

  • Giving away all my furniture.
  • Packing what I can, throwing out a lot.
  • Happy I have a pickup truck. Added a spider bungy cord to secure, might add a tarp for additional rain protection. I am loading 5-27 gallon tubs in there, along with other stuff.
I am camping my way back, using my Teton Cot Tent and XXL Cot pad. I am staying at KOA Campgrounds along the way. Average price is 30 a night, some have electric and water, some do not. I will roll in and set up every night. Break down in morning and roll.  600 miles a day should have me home in 5 days. Some days are 7 hours, some 8 and last leg is 10 since I could not get a camp ground for Friday night.  They were all booked. Maybe a rest area in Virginia? Who knows. 

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