Saturday, February 11, 2017

My New Home Range

17 miles from where I am currently domiciled is The Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club. I joined in early January, and have met all the criteria to become a full fledged member. 2 General Membership meetings, one 4 hour work session and an evening of orientation video watching. In that same 30 days, I have already assisted in teaching one rifle class, one Reveres Rider class and a rifle qualification approval session.

I rifled qualified with a 308 at 100 yards.
I pistol qualified indoors with my 9mm, need to qualify with 45 soon. (I was out of 45 ammo.)
The club house was just recently upgraded and is a beautiful place. Gas fireplace with blower on it. Nice set of leather couches by that fireplace.  Pretty usable space and perfect for training.

I am hoping to ask them to allow me to set up Refuse To Be A victim classes here, every other month. I will donate my time to help with any training they offer, even as they are segrated training groups. Rifle and Shotgun is one group, Pistol, PPITH, PPOTH with another group.

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